Nexus Diamante produces and designs diamond tools for geotechnics and mining research, building and industry.
For the geotechnical sector, are produced equipment and tools for geognostic investigations and for mining research. Equipment and tools are produced for the building sector in the context of controlled demolition, trusses, drilling of reinforced concrete, etc. For the industry sector, tools are manufactured for drilling, sanding and lapping various materials, especially the refractory ones.

Geotechnical and Geothermal

NEXUS produces core bits, shoes, reamers, non coring bits, designed with specific features for drilling holes and boreholes for the geotechnical and geothermal sectors.



NEXUS produces core bits, reamers and shoes with specific characteristics for implementing surveys in the mining sector.



NEXUS produces complete simple core barrel type NX and NXS and traditionals pipes tubes.



NEXUS produces tools with specific characteristics for implementing surveys in the industry sector.


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