This line includes products with good performance that are positioned in a medium to high quality range. They are products versatile and studied with a quality / price ratio, suitable to mach the needs of the geotechnical market and for those who don't operate in a specific and constant manner in the diamond drilling sector.

For manufacturing, good quality raw materials are used to ensure good yields in the most diverse contexts. The versatility of this product line allows it to be used even with probes that are not extremely fast in terms of number of revolutions. They are manufactured with high quality synthetic diamond powder, and the tool calibration is designed to guarantee a suitable duration. To contain the tool cost,  lower impregnation heights  if compared to the ORION and ARIES lines are implemented.

The field of application is mainly geotechnical. This line generally promote crowns for simple and double core barrels with impregnation height 6 and 8 mm.

The matrices of the CAPRICORN line are identified by the letter "C", followed by a number that identifies the hardness and abrasion resistance of the matrix. The larger is the number, the softer is the matrix is ​​and consequently the more the tool is suitable for cutting hard rocks.

On request all the products of this line can be customized in terms of size, impregnation heights and special matrices to adapt them to specific contexts.

It is also possible, according to the customer's needs, realize special tools based on drawings or samples.

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