NEXUS produces core bits, reamers and shoes with specific characteristics for conducting surveys in the mining sector.

In this contexts, exploratory drilling is carried out at high depths where very high performance tools are required both in terms of drilling speed and duration. Generally, those who work in this field have specific probes for high-performance mining drilling, that make it possible to make the most of the potential of diamond tools. For this reason, Nexus developed the ORION impregnated tools line that includes products for those who do not want to compromise in terms of quality and are designed for those who work in a specific and constant manner in the diamond drilling sector.

Generally in this area, where large depth holes are required, special crowns for cable corers of Wire line type, are used to reduce downtime for carrot recovery. TSD and PCD, surface set technologies,  are also available for such purpose.

On request all the products related to this field of application can be customized in terms of size, impregnation heights and special matrices to adapt to specific contexts.

It is also possible to make special tools according to the customer's needs on the base of a drawing or a sample.

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