NEXUS produces core bits, shoes, reamers, non coring bits, designed with specific features for drilling holes and boreholes in the geotechnical and geothermal sector.

In these fields the requests are varied: holes with different depths, holes for injections of mortars or resins, geotechnical surveys, consolidations, trusses, pipe cleaning, etc.  Nexus has developed two lines of impregnated  tools: ARIES and CAPRICORN. Tools with extraordinary performance both in terms of speed and durability drilling.

Tools with surface set technologies, TSD and PCD are also available for this purpose. On request all the products related to these fields of application can be customized in terms of size, impregnation heights and special matrices to adapt themselves to specific contexts.

It is also possible to make special tools according to the customer's needs on the base of a drawing or a sample.

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