Enlarging tool

Enlarging tools are used to widen a hole already made or a part of it.

Mining, geotechnical, geophisycal and construction are generally typical fields of application of this kind of diamond tools.

Afther a drilling execution, it may arise the need to widen a hole for different reasons such as: hole that are undersize compared to the original project, holes have undergone a deviation, holes in wich instrumentation must de inserted and instrumentation diametre does not fit the original hole dimension, hole with diameter too big to be drilled with the drilling equipment available, etc ... Generally, the enlarging tools are characterized by a pilot with a diameter slightly smaller than the original hole which keep centered the enlarging tool along the direction of the previously hole drilled. A target diameter of the hole must be indicated as well a thread which is suitable for the enlarging tool dimension and weght. Thread define also drilling rods which must be used to enlarge the hole.

Nexus diamond enlarging tools are produced on request and era available with impregnated technology in seep profile.


Impregnated diamond enlarging tool seep profile

Nexus diamond enlarging tools are produced on request and available with PCD technology with PCD Ø8 o 13 mm depending on the material to be drilled and the cutting surface dimension.

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