NX system

NX System program allow drilling from Ø 20 mm to Ø 252 mm (up to Ø 450 mm on request) with depths up to 40 m depending on operating and application conditions.

NX system is composed of: core bit, extension rod and connection end. If necessary, there is the possibility of inserting core catcher case and core catcher between the core bit and the first rod, and it allows the core to be pulled out of the hole correctly while rods are pulled out from the hole. The advantage of using this system is that it can be drilled continuously by adding rods which contain the core.

NX System is a continuous core drilling system. Continuous core drilling allows drilling even at considerable depths without the need to interrupt drilling to extract the core until the desired depth is reached; just add rods to finish the hole.

They are composed of a series of components such as:

  1. The core bit is the tool to drill and is available in impregnated, surface set, TSD and PCD technologies.
  2. Rods allow you to extend drilling and contain the core.
  3. Connection End is an accessory which connects rods to the driving shaft of the drill machine.
  4. Core Catcher: it is a conical ring which, inserted in the core catcher case, allows tearing and holds the core when the rods are pulled out from the hole.
  5. Core Catcher Case: it is a sort of rod but inside it has a conical seat for the core catcher.
  6. Reamer: it is a tool which, mounted after the core bit, makes sure that the diameter of the hole is maintained, compensating for wear on the outer diameter of the core bit.
  7. Stabilizer: it is a junction which, inserted between one rod and the other, contributes to maintain the straightness of the hole.

NX system is mainly used in construction to make holes for consolidation, tie beam actions, holes for the passage of diamond wire. Often in these application the use of water as a drilling fluid for the cooling of the crown and the removal of the debris generated by the cutting action is forbidden. Nexus has developed a series of tools suitable for "dry" drilling. Specifically for the perforation of soft materials (not harder than 120 Mpa by compression) it can be drilled using compressed air produced by a compressor and the aid of the GR1 rotary joint which allows the introduction of air even at 12 Pressure Bars.

Drilling hard materials where impregnated core bit must be used, in addition to the rotating joint, it is possible to insert in the compressed air line, the NX2 Vapour Generator which introduces into the compressed air line a small  quantity of water controlled in a micrometric way that mixed with the air generates a sort of "humid air" able to cool the impregnated tool. Obviously it is preferable to use water as a drilling fluid but when it is not possible Nexus has studied the above solution.

The impregnated core bit for NX system are part of the TAURUS line and are identified by the letter T for drilling with water and by the letter D for air / water drilling, followed by a number that identifies the matrix hardness and abrasion resistance characteristics. The larger the number, the more "soft" the matrix is ​​and consequently the more the tool is suitable for cutting hard materials. The matrices of the TAURUS series are designed for use with electric or hydraulic core drills. On request, Nexus designs and produces tools with special dimensions and matrices.

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