Nexus was established in 2006 in the splendid setting of Lake Como, in order to valorize his staff's experience in diamond tools production.

Nexus Diamante was established in 2006 at the center of Europe, in the splendid setting of Como Lake. It represent a lean and versatile company with an industrial vocation able to match a product care high standard withand the best artisan tradition.

Nexus wants to be a modern, comfortable and proactive workplace where anyone may contribute, valorizing the his specific skills. The natural Nexus' tendency  towards innovation, has made possible to design high quality tools  producted in full respect of the environment and man:  NEXUS DIAMANTE for the production does not use cobalt and is substituting the natural diamonds with the synthetic ones. Since 2017 ND is facing  the "fourth industrial revolution" with important investments, modifing his own production cycle in armony with the INDUSTRY 4.0 perspective.

Nexus is research and innovation, customized production, service and assistance.

The technologies for drilling and for working with diamond tools, is constantly evolving and expanding. There increasingly areas where the use of diamond tools is revolutionizing the traditional working methods. This has greatly expanded the field of application of diamond tools cousing an ever increasing need for tools designed to answer to specific applications. Nexus implements a continuous process of research and development, capable to combine and integrate the most modern technologies, in order to offer its customers top level products. Nexus allocates important investments to the Research and Development, a branch considered strategic to mantein its tools performance level's at the highest international standards. The philosophy of Nexus is produce quality tools that stand out in an of low-cost and poor quality products inflated market.
Nexus offers its customers the long experience of its technical staff in order to analyze problems and develop solutions,by designing and manufacturing special tools. Startig from the production of molds, moving to the thermal cycle, to the finishing and painting of the products, everything takes place inside Nexus in terms of control and reactivity. All this using the latest generation equipment and highly qualified personnel.
Nexus is the ideal partner for optimizing and developing your drilling techniques. In the actual market the need to have customized tools is increasingly evident to obtain maximum performance in contexts very varied. In the drilling sector, facing the most expert operators, it has often been said that "each hole has its own history". Extreme operating and logistic conditions, drilling machines with different characteristics, materials of eterogenous nature, specific customer needs are the rule of the context in which we operate. Nexus has the skills to design and produce tools according to customer needs by adapting its tools to the countless operating conditions. This means versatility and to be ready to intervene very quickly. For our distributors it is possible to personalize the image of the product in terms of painting, labeling and packaging.
A technical staff with twenty years of experience is available to our customers to provide a pre and post sales service also directly on site. If requested, Nexus makes its staff available in the preventive phase by carrying out a study of the materials to be drilled, defining the best drilling technique and evaluating the equipment and machines necessary to perform the job at the top level. The assistance service is also guaranteed during the product test, in order  to optimize machine parameters, evaluate tool wear and to be able to offer the best product for the specific context.


In Nexus Diamante, profound competences developed in the technical, commercial and production fields, in the mining, geotechnical, geothermal, construction and industrial sector.

The mission of NEXUS DIAMANTE is to produce diamond tools using the most modern technologies to create high performance diamond tools in line with the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Our history

  • 2006

    Foundation year

  • 2008

    First participation of Nexus Diamante at the Geofluid fair (Piacenza)

  • 2011

    NXS BATTERY launch

  • 2013

    Launch of new type "A" product lines

  • 2015

    Implementation of the second generation Fusion Plant

  • 2016

    10th Anniversary from the Foundation

  • 2018

    Industry 4.0

  • 2018

    Launch of the new 6 WINGS BIT line

  • 2019

    First participation of Nexus Diamante at the Bauma fair (Munich)

  • 2019

    New product lines launched: ORION, ARIES, CAPRICORN and TAURUS