NEXUS produces complete simple core barrel type NX and NXS and traditionals pipes tubes

In construction ambit requests are various: holes with different depths, holes for injections of mortars or resins, geotechnical surveys, consolidations, pipe cleaning, etc... Tools with excellent performance in terms of drilling speed and duration are requested.


NEXUS developed TAURUS impregnated tools line, optimized to be used with small electric and hydraulic rigs. Intensive research activity was dedicated in developing tools, devises and techniques for drilling with different fluids  like water, air (with core bits with surface set or TSD technology  ) and aerosols (with core bits with impregnated technology).


All products related to this ambit of application can be customized in terms of size, impregnation heights and special matrices, to adapt at specific contexts.

It is also possible to make special tools according to the customer's needs on the base of drawings or samples.

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