Reaming shell

Reamers are tools used to keep hole diameter costant.

Typical application are mining, geotechnical and geophysical exploration.


During drilling the core bit outer diameter wears out then hole tende to reduce its diameter. Reamers keep costant hole diameter. Nexus produces diamond reamers for B,N,T2,T6 core barrels, for BSI standard and wire-line AQ,BQ,NQ,PQ and Geobor S core barrels. On request, Nexus can customize reamers diamond band in terms of size and length to adapt them to specific context according to customer needs. Nexus designs and manufactures tools with special dimensions and for any type of core barrel.


Nexus reamers are available in impregnated technology with hard metal reinforcement; spiral or straight band profile.



Spiral impregnated diamond bands.




Nexus reamers are avaiable in surface set technologie with hard metal reinforcements;spiral or staight bands.


Spiral surface set band.

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