Casing shoes

Casing Shoes are diamond tools used to avoid material to collapse into the hole. Normally casing shoers are screwed on casing rods, used in mining or geotechnical and geothermal applications.

Casing shoes are used to prevent material collapse into the hole. Normally casing shoes are screwed on casing tubes keeping the core barrel into the casing tubes themselves. Therefore eventual material collapsing from hole surface, does't disturb drilling operations. Nexus produces Casing Shoes for B and N casing tubes, for BSI standard casing tubes and for Wire Line rods AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ and Geobor S. Nexus produces also special Casing Shoes for not standard casing tubes, with various impregnation heights and matrix to adapt shoes to the specific drilling contest and customer expectations. Nexus designs and produces special diamond tools for any kind of casing tube.

All Nexus casing Shoes are available in impregnated technology for the line ARIES  and CAPRICORN  and in different matrix to adapt the shoe at the specific drilling contes.

All Nexus Casing Shoes are available in surface set tecnology with natural and syntetic diamond in different sizes: 8/15, 12/20, 20/30, 40/50 spc to adapt the shoe at the specific drilling contes.

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